Rheumatoid Arthritis


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Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis can be miserable. The aches, the burn, the feeling of stiffness that last throughout the day. Even something as simple as opening a door handle has become a difficult task. Everything is harder now. But there was a time when these problems didn’t exist. Wouldn’t it be nice to have day without pain? Is there a better way than “learning to live with it?”

Anyone who has been to a doctor for Rheumatoid Arthritis knows that their answer is always “drugs, drugs and more drugs”. But steroids and biologics are NOT the answer, especially as we get older and our immune system gets weaker. And the side effects…it’s just not worth it.

We understand. It feels like there are no options left. Drugs are expensive and don’t solve the problem. It’s time to try something safe and natural  that may provide full relief by addressing the root problem. The process is called Functional Medicine.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune disorder, which happens when the body attacks its own tissue. And drugs aren’t going to fix that. However, Functional Medicine is a whole body approach that focuses on analyzing the entire body (structural, metabolic and neurologic). By understanding a patients complete health situation, we can discover underlying problems that may be the actual culprit behind their health problems.

So how does this help? By looking beyond the pain centers and into the whole body, we can link the symptoms to various systems in the body like the gut, brain and hormones. Many people would be surprised to learn that many common conditions start with problems in these areas.

For example, about 40% of people who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis have too much bacteria in their bowels. That is not a coincidence. It can cause inflammation in other parts of the body.

It will amaze you to realize that simple changes to diet, nutrition and hormonal adjustments can have a dramatic effect on overall health. With the potential for relief from nagging Rheumatoid Arthritis conditions, isn’t it worth the cost of an initial exam to discover all that our program can do?

Most people who come to us are fed up. They’ve tried so many things and so many drugs. They are frustrated and just need to know that something can be done to improve their condition. If this describes you, a friend or a family member, then give us a call at 303-882-8447 and schedule an initial exam.

There really is nothing to lose and so much to possibly gain. Dr. Hollaman also offers a FREE phone consult to discuss your situation before an appointment is made. We are ready to help and show what is possible. Don’t hesitate, call today!

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    As a chiropractor using a Functional Medicine approach in my sports medicine practice I seek healthcare providers who are on the cutting edge of 21st century medicine to help with the management of my own autoimmune issues. Dr. Ian Hollaman is such a provider. His knowledge and ability to provide guidance in managing complex health challenges using an integrative approach is second to none. With his help I have been able to return to a state of optimum health after a significant Rheumatoid autoimmune flare-up in 2015, and I routinely refer my patients to him for his clinical expertise, compassion and engaging personality.”

    I have recommend Red Tail Wellness & Dr. Ian to quite a few people. Dr. Ian really knows his stuff medically (diet, physiology, endocrine and neurological systems & how they interact with health, etc). He’s also an excellent chiropractor. 

    The science is important to me, and I have learned a lot because Dr. Ian takes the time to talk. He individualizes care for each client, discusses and follows up with lab work thoroughly, and provides targeted supplements that work.

    Most importantly, Dr. Ian and the staff really care about each client and take time to encourage and empower the whole person.

    Red Tail Wellness doesn’t take insurance, but they customize care so that it’s as affordable as possible, and the recommended care plans can make a BIG difference in a short period of time. Dr. Ian’s goal is wholeness, not maintenance of sickness, so he will strive to get you back on your feet and out the door in a reasonable time frame.

    Red Tail Wellness is worth the investment.”

    “After years of dealing with low energy, lack of stamina, multiple chemical sensitivities, G.E.R.D., nasal and food allergies, asthma, and muscle imbalances, I discovered Dr. Hollaman through a Google search, and, thankfully, since my first appointment, have never looked back. His detailed questionnaire, which I filled out, helped him to hone in on medical issues I had. Then with thorough blood, urine, spit, and stool analysis, he was able to pinpoint where I was lacking homeostasis in my body, along with confirming any medical conditions I was dealing with. With structural analysis and kinesiology, he was able to further deal with my imbalances, sensitivities and intolerances by applying expert chiropractic adjustments and muscle testing. He then coupled that with dietary change recommendations, dietary supplementation, and a vast array of other healing modalities he has in his toolbox to truly personalize my road to healing and staying healthy.

    With his perceptiveness, keen analytical ability, chiropractic and medical savvy, humor, compassion, and a true willingness to listen, he was able to cut through years of unsuccessful pharmaceutical treatments and focus on natural solutions for my body to heal. Dr. Hollaman has been nothing short of a miracle worker for me. He’s helped me to get my life back after years of pain and suffering. He showed me how, that with dedication on my part, my body could heal. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Hollaman more highly for anyone who truly wants to commit to a healthy lifestyle, and a fuller, richer, more active life.”