Peripheral Neuropathy


Loss of strength, numbness and tingling in your hands and feet are indications of peripheral neuropathy.  Many people also suffer from pain and are worried this may mean more serious problems are around the corner. 

Common among diabetics (there are many causes but insulin resistance is the most common), peripheral neuropathy is a result of degenerative nerve damage to the peripheral nervous system which controls our ability to sense, move and maintain muscle coordination.

The Red Tail philosophy is to directly address the root cause of your peripheral neuropathy.  We conduct a thorough peripheral and central nervous system exam with case review and determine what testing is missing which could help us guide you down a different path to regain proper feeling and better health. With multiple therapies to choose from, our doctors and nutritionist create a treatment plan uniquely customized to the health goals we set together. 

The medical establishment focuses on prescribing medication to mask the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy leaving the underlying systemic conditions to progress and worsen.  We commonly hear our clients concerned about “brain fog” and “mental fogginess” after they start medication like gabapentin/neurontin (anti-seizure) drugs. Is there another way to heal these pesky nerves?

Structural Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonial.

In the early stages, peripheral neuropathy causes a subtle loss of motor function. Symptoms include loss of strength, loss of reflexes and numbness. These symptoms may go undetected because of the brain’s ability to adapt and compensate. Individuals who continue to follow the medical establishment protocol of only treating symptoms eventually develop signs of advanced peripheral neuropathy such as tingling, burning, biting, stabbing, shooting pains. 

For some, these debilitating problems can be worse at night and interrupt a person’s sleep which can lead to a host of other issues like brain fog, chronic fatigue and a compromised immune system.  Chronic pain also dramatically reduces quality of life and can make someone challenging to live with.

With over 11 years of focusing on helping patients with complex and chronic conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, the Red Tail team is excited to help you!

Metabolic Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonial.

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