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Hello & Welcome To Our New Patient Page! Our primary focus is on difficult and challenging cases that have failed to reach solutions via mainstream medical models. Because of this we are very selective about the patients we accept. Not all clients are accepted for care due to our requirements for commitment and motivation.

New Boulder & Denver, CO Patients: Patient Information

Initial Intake & Patient History

We welcome new patients! Our wellness center serves folks from Boulder, CO and the vicinity, and patients from the Denver area. There are a few steps involved in becoming a patient at Red Tail Wellness. We start with requesting an appointment, gathering your history through patient intake forms and an initial exam with our doctor. By taking a few minutes to provide important information, you can help us discover the best course of treatment for you.

Your Intake Forms & History

  • Fill out your patient intake forms that are sent to you upon scheduling your appointment. Please call 303-882-8447 to schedule the initial consult.
  • Beginning the journey with a new health care practitioner can be daunting, but we are here to help. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals in health and to succeed we need detailed new patient forms. Please reserve 30-60 minutes to fill these documents out.
  • Please also obtain and send us any medical testing you’ve received in the past year. You can sign a release with your medical provider and they can fax the records. This process may take 1-5 business days so we highly recommend contacting them early!


Please also note you will fill out the informed consent in the office.
Please be on time for the appointment. Our doctors need the full time to properly understand your case!

For the physical exam we require shorts/T shirt or loose fitting clothing that allows access to shoulders and skin above the knees.

At the end of the examination, we’ll determine the best way to proceed forward with your care. This may include additional labs, but we will provide specific instructions and details about your next steps. You will then be scheduled for a second visit so your findings can be reviewed and we can create a comprehensive plan of action.

If our doctors feel strongly that we can help you, we’ll inform you about your qualification for care and what that process will entail.

Your spouse and/or both of your parents are required to attend the initial New Patient appointment. We want you to have all the support necessary to return to a healthy life and your spouse is part of the process. Finances and insurance will be covered at this appointment as well.


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New Patient Paperwork

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