Knee on Trac

Over time, the surrounding tissues and cartilage that cushion the knee joint can begin to degenerate. This can be caused by overuse, injury or osteoarthritis. Knee on Trac sessions help speed recovery from recent surgical procedures, torn or sprained ACL ligaments, meniscus tears and muscle strains.

In keeping with the Red Tail philosophy, Knee on Trac addresses the root cause of your chronic discomfort rather than mask symptoms with medication. 

Knee joints are surrounded by fluids that are there to regenerate the adjacent membranes, cartilage and tissues. Knee on Trac therapy safely and gently isolates and opens up space in the knee joint creating a vacuum that pulls these replenishing fluids back into the knee joint, rehydrating the area and decreasing inflammation. This is called “decompression” and it is commonly used in spinal conditions.

To even further assist the body to heal itself, we pair the Knee on Trac therapy with a Trigenics trial session. Trigenics allows the doctor to correct and strengthen areas of muscular weakness that may be contributing to your knee pain. Not only do we want to decompress the knee, but have your muscles firing correctly so you can move fluidly again reducing your discomfort even more. 

More than 90% of our Knee on Trac/Trigenics patients report significant pain reduction and increased range of motion enabling them to return to their favorite activities!

New patients who are a good fit for Knee on Trac therapy can take advantage of a $47 introductory special that includes complete neurological and orthopedic exams, 2 Knee on Trac sessions and 1 trial Trigenics session. 

Make an appointment today and get back to the active lifestyle you’ve been missing out on!


If you’ve had a knee replacement surgery or have loose bodies in your knee joint, the Knee on Trac therapy isn’t for you. But, Trigenics and regenerative medicine may change your life so please call us at 303-882-8447

Looking for more info? Please visit our Chronic knee pain page.

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