Functional Medicine Denver

Functional medicine takes a wider approach to wellness than most modern methodologies. Instead of focusing on symptom-based treatment, functional medicine looks at the physiology as a whole, analyzing everything from environmental factors to diet, genetics, and daily routine. The patient sits at the center of the diagnostic plan and treatment tackles issues on a variety of fronts, not just the disease itself.

With functional medicine, you get a personalized approach to wellness grounded in the principles of whole patient care. Red Tail Wellness Center located near Denver offers a variety of functional medicine services that can help restore balance to your physiology no matter what ails you.

Functional Medicine & Disease Management

The key to the functional approach to wellness is focusing on the underlying cause of disease, rather than the manifest symptoms. Hundreds of factors can contribute to high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, or headaches, for example. With the standard model of care, these symptoms are compared with other cases and a treatment routine is prescribed, often in the form of expensive medications with dozens of side effects. Patients may experience fast relief, but it’s temporary, as the underlying problem remains untreated.

Functional medicine uses a systems-oriented approach that looks beyond disease and pain. It’s not about matching symptoms to medicine, it’s about getting to the core of a problem and correcting imbalances from there. The body is a network of organs and tissues that interact every moment of every day. When a problem develops in one system, your entire physiology has to compensate. Symptoms of pain or disease are often the body’s way of telling us something is wrong. Dulling those sensations doesn’t change the cause, just like turning off the radio doesn’t make the radio station disappear.

Functional medicine is extremely effective at tackling complex and chronic diseases, both areas acute-oriented modalities struggle to control. They’re also safe, non-invasive, free from harmful side effects, and lead to vastly improved health and happiness.

Areas Functional Medicine Considers

Functional medicine is highly personalized; no two diagnoses or treatments will ever be the same. Each aspect of a patient’s life is taken into consideration during the evaluation, all in an effort to go beyond the symptoms and discover the root cause of the condition. The thought process behind functional medicine is neatly summed up by the acronym BG SHINED:

  • B – Breathing, blood work, balance (includes things like relationships, community, family)
  • G – Genetics, gut health, gender
  • S – Sleep, safety, stress, spiritual health, sex
  • H – Hormones, histamines, H2O
  • I – Inflammation, infections, immune system
  • N – Nutrition, neurotransmitters
  • E – Exercise, emotions, enzymes, environmental factors
  • D – Detoxification, including everything from food to water to pesticides

Using information from the above areas, functional medicine practitioners can treat a wide variety of conditions and diseases. It’s not about naming it and taming it, though, it’s about understanding and remedying issues at their source. Real, life-long health, not quick-fixes.

Functional Medicine in Denver

Finding a certified and experienced functional medicine practitioner is an important first step in your wellness journey. After all, you’re not looking for a pill dispensary, you’re looking for personalized health advice tailored to suit your body’s needs.

Red Tail Wellness Center is fully committed to the unique and effective philosophies behind functional medicine. We use scientifically proven principles to help understand and guide you towards your health goals, no matter what they may be. We’re here to help!

Red Tail Wellness Center is conveniently located near Denver. We provide a wide range of functional services to fit your every need. If you’re traveling from Denver, you’ll find our offices just off Hwy 36 in Boulder. Head north on the turnpike, follow 28th Street, then turn left on Violet Avenue and right on Broadway. You’ll see us on the right near the corner of Rosewood and Broadway.

Health is a positive vitality, not simply the absence of disease. If you have any questions about functional medicine or would like to schedule an appointment, get in touch with us right away!