Diabetes Treatment Denver

Few diseases or physiological disorders simply appear without warning signs. In the case of diabetes, these precursors include insulin resistance and pre-diabetes, both of which indicate a complex disorder is about to arise. By catching these signs as early as possible, patients can begin treatment plans to curb or even eliminate the symptoms, illustrating the true power of preventive medicine.

Diabetes mellitus affects an estimated 415 million people worldwide, with medical bills in the U.S. alone rising over $245 billion. The good news is diabetes is both treatable and preventable with properly applied functional medicine. Red Tail Wellness Center near Denver has both the experience and the knowledge necessary to deal with diabetes and related conditions, all without expensive medications or painful side effects.

Diabetes – Genetic or Metabolic?

Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are closely linked to genetic factors. Just because someone in your family had diabetes doesn’t mean you’re destined for the same fate, however. Lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity play an important role in the onset of the disease. Even if diabetes “runs in the family”, you still have the power to prevent it!

There are plenty of methods you can deploy to delay or eliminate diabetes before it takes hold. Type 2 diabetes accounts for 85-90% of all diabetes cases, for example, and is easily preventable with the right diet and exercise plan. The unfortunate reality is that most diabetes cases go untreated until it’s too late for a complete recovery. Symptom management is still possible, but the best way to stay healthy is to start treatment as soon as the early warning signs appear.

Factors Contributing to Diabetes

Most disease-oriented health practitioners focus on managing the symptoms of a condition after it has arisen. When it comes to diabetes, this is too little, too late. Practitioners of functional medicine, such as the doctors at Red Tail Wellness Center, are trained to look at all areas of life. We search for risk factors and develop customized treatment plans for each patient, giving you the tools you need to stay healthy today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life.

Early detection is crucial when it comes to diabetes. Don’t wait until the first symptoms appear before taking action. If you can say “yes” to a few of the factors below, you might be at an elevated risk for diabetes.

  • Frequent exposure to environmental toxins – Regular exposure to mold, pesticides, and other airborne toxins can drive your blood sugar up and reduce insulin effectiveness.
  • High-sugar diet – Consuming a large amount of sugar or sugary foods and drinks creates a high-insulin environment.
  • Increased stress – Elevated stress levels can boost cortisol production, causing your body’s insulin to be less responsive.
  • Pancreatic disease – Insulin is produced by the pancreas. If you have an injury or history of poor pancreatic performance, it could increase your diabetes risk factor.
  • Sedentary lifestyle and obesity – If you exercise fewer than three times per week, or if your body weight is well above the nationally established average, you may be at risk.
  • Severe or frequent gut infections – Bacterial infections in your stomach or intestines can decrease insulin effectiveness.

Diabetes Treatment in Denver

If you’re near Denver and are seeking alternative or preventive treatments for diabetes, look no further than Red Tail Wellness Center. Our team is experienced in a variety of modalities designed to analyze each patient’s lifestyle and provide treatments tailored to individual needs. We work with functional blood chemistry analysis as well as detailed interviews, both of which help establish a baseline for your current and future risk factors. No invasive therapies or painful side effects, just the perfect start on your journey to better health.

Red Tail Wellness Center is located near Denver just a short drive away on Hwy 36. Follow the turnpike north through Boulder and stay on the same road as it turns into 28th Street. Turn left on Violet Avenue, then right on Broadway. You’ll see our sign in the offices just before reaching Rosewood Avenue.

Take control of your health and wellness! Contact us today to set up an appointment or ask any questions about our diabetes treatment plans in Denver.