Is Knee Pain Limiting Your Favorite Activities?




After years of use and subsequent degeneration, most of our knee pain patients come to us reporting “bone-on-bone” grinding pain.  They tell us how previous attempts with drugs, physical therapy and orthopedic doctors have had little to no effect.  Patients want to avoid surgery and pain meds at all costs and we partner with them to achieve their goal.

Largely a fallacy, the pain that feels like bones grinding together is actually due to the loss of important synovial fluids that used to surround the knee joint, but are no longer there in sufficient quantities.

Our solution is knee decompression via Knee-on-Trac.  Knee-on-Trac therapy gently decompresses and stretches the knee joint creating a suction action that draws important, cushioning synovial fluids back into the knee cavity.  With the knee’s natural fluids lubricating joint movement again, inflammation and pain begin to recede.  You will be amazed at how different your knee will feel with only one session!


We are currently offering a special $47.00 rate that includes a comprehensive structural exam to test nerve function in the lower extremities, reflexes, muscular control and balance of the lower legs, hip and sacroiliac function, and your feet.  Also included is one treatment on the Knee-on-Trac unit.

Based on the results of your exam, we may recommend additional therapies to support your knee.

In addition to Knee-on-Trac, your care program may consist of one or more of the following:
More than 90% of our Knee-on-Trac patients report significant pain reduction and increased range of motion after just one session!

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If you’ve had a knee replacement surgery or have loose bodies in your knee joint, the Knee on Trac therapy isn’t for you. But, Trigenics and regenerative medicine may change your life so please call us at 303-882-8447

Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology uses the Triad of Health – chemical, mental and structural factors – to describe the proper balance of the major health categories.


Take a moment to and read some success stories from our chronic knee patients!


Rose: Dr. Ian knows his stuff. Before I started seeing him I had chronic lower back pain, and a knee that I had been told needed to be replaced. I was taking lots of narcotics for the pain. After just a few sessions with Dr. Ian I was able to give up the pain pills. The program he had for me has done wonders. I feel years younger. No more pain to speak of. Thank you Dr Ian.

Melinda: For the second time now, Red Tail Wellness has been exceedingly helpful. Four years ago Dr. Ian got me walking again after a compaction injury to my knee in three sessions with exercises in between. And just recently, when I sprained my ankle, my recovery was speedier due to his adjustments and advice. I could feel a positive difference after each session!

Meg: Red Tail Wellness and Dr. Ian Hollaman completely changed my life while living in Colorado. I grew up in an alternative medicine family so I have always been skeptical of trying anyone new but I am so happy I gave Ian a try. I am only 24 years old but have had knee surgery and never ending major knee problems since high school. I have tried everything under the sun to reduce the pain and inflammation but nothing really worked until I came across Dr. Ian. Dr. Ian gave me the best chiropractic adjustments, exercises to do on my own, and nutritional guidance to heal not only my knee but my overall heath. My knee pain has diminished greatly and my overall heath drastically increased. I moved back to the East Coast and am so disappointed I’m not able to go to Ian anymore for my chiropractic and health needs. Thank you for all that you have done Red Tail.

Susan: Dr Hollaman fixed a bad leg I have had for two years. After two visits I am able to hike 11 miles with no pain in my leg. This has been unbelievable for me. I was going to have to stop hiking, my favorite sport for over 30 years. I had tried five other different modalities and was about to give up. Thank you so much Ian.

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