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The Art, Science and Philosophy of Natural Health! The premise behind chiropractic is that the nervous system controls every function in our body.

Our Doctors of chiropractic use their heads, hands and hearts to determine the root cause of your symptoms with proven methods developed since 1895.

The premise behind chiropractic is that the nervous system controls every function in our body. The nervous system is housed in one of our toughest structures, the spine. But, day after day our body receives trauma from falls, spills, accidents and even normal daily activities.

So, what happens when we don’t tend to these micro or macro traumas? A subluxation! Subluxations are mis-alignments of the spine that lead to inflammation and interference in the nervous systems ability to function. Chiropractic works to remove those interferences which allows our body to function optimally and therefore heal by itself.

How does Chiropractic do this?

Chiropractors perform adjustments, which are gentle procedures that physically re-align the spine. The doctor uses a specific thrust that may cause a ‘pop’ in the spine or extremity. The sound is merely gas being released from the joint and does not indicate anything specific.

But if the spine is so important, is Chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic is the third largest health care profession in the United States. Currently, malpractice rates reflect incidence of injury according to the health care industry and Chiropractic is listed as one of the most inexpensive malpractice rates in health care!

Every time an adjustment is performed, rest assured our doctors have screened your health and made every effort to minimize risk.

We use many techniques in the office to accommodate our patients’ needs and preferences. Please contact the Red Tail Wellness Centers for more information or to schedule your initial consultation.

Take a moment to read our about our patient successes with chiropractic care.

Anne: This morning I woke up and realized I felt good–really good. I didn’t realize why at first. But then it occurred to me that I wasn’t in pain for the first time in years. As a professional classical pianist who spends many hours a day playing (think rolled shoulders, hunched back, neck extended forward), I tore my rotator cuff twice and suffered from neck and upper back pain for 10 years. I’ve seen around 15 physical therapists and many chiropracters. 2 of them brought me back from the edge but never got completely out of pain. After just 4 sessions with Dr. Ian working some Trigenics magic on me, I’m pain free! It’s quite incredible after looking back on the long and pricey path my issues have taken me on. I’m sure I’ll need “tune ups” once in awhile, but for now, I’m floating on air!
Eric: Doctor Hollaman provided a great experience that solved my back pain issues. His treatment was thorough and the results came quickly. I was very impressed with his diagnosis techniques, muscle testing in particular, that identified locations that needed work. His knowledge of the body and its interrelations is impressive and leads to targeted, efficient, treatment. On the personal side, Doctor Ian and his wife, Dr. Karen, are nice, fun people that are quick to share a laugh. Office visits were always a pleasure. I definitely recommend Red Tail Wellness.
Dana: Dr. Ian helped me with a shoulder injury that I thought would require surgery. After a few sessions he was able to correct the shoulder problems I was having and after 9 months I still have no problems with the shoulder. I would highly recommend Ian and am always impressed by his knowledge and concern for his patients.
Remi: I got injured while playing soccer (groin injury) and after seeing my doctor and a physical therapist, I was not feeling better. I went to see Dr Ian Hollaman, who took the time to do a thorough examination of what moves I could and couldn’t do (which muscles are weaker than they should be). He explained to me the whole process he was going through in order to pinpoint the origin of my injury. I like how he shows on pictures or models what is wrong and how it impacts my moves and my whole body in general. After some adjustments, he gave me simple exercises to do at home, and I was back in shape very quickly. I had another unrelated injury since, went straight to Red Tail Wellness Center, and received the same level of care and got better in no time. I like how he fixes the origin of the problem (not just the symptom) and how he makes sure your whole body performs to its best. I highly recommend this practice.
Mike: I play a lot of soccer and about a year ago I tore my groin and 9 months later I pulled my hamstring on the same leg. I had done physical therapy for my groin, and was satisfied but never really healed. A friend recommended that I go see Dr. Ian at Red Tail Wellness instead of doing another round of physical therapy. I had never been to a chiropractor before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was tired of being injured so I thought I’d give it a try. I have to say I was extremely impressed. Dr. Ian is an expert in Applied Kinesiology and was immediately able to identify several areas of weaknesses that my physical therapist had missed. Through a combination of muscle testing, nutritional supplements, recommended exercises, chiropractic adjustments, and scar tissue removal, I was able to bounce back from my hamstring twice as fast as I did when I went to physical therapy. In addition, my existing groin injury is stronger than ever and feel healthier than have in years. My previous physical therapist only focussed on the specific region which I had injured. Dr. Ian provided a far more comprehensive assessment and treatment of my injures. Rather than just rehabbing my hamstring, he focussed on identifying the systemic cause of my series of injuries, which included poor nutrition and extremely limited flexibility, and worked with me to ensure they wouldn’t happen again. I highly recommend that any athlete, whether nursing injuries or looking to improve their performance, go see Dr. Ian. You won’t regret it.

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