Back & Neck Pain Relief

Back and neck pain leaves thousands– even millions– of people in chronic pain and unable to do the necessities that make for a fruitful life. Working, playing, relaxing and enjoying life are all simple things– but profound in their affect on our lives when pain makes them a burden– or impossible. We know how to help you find relief.

At Red Tail Wellness Centers, we specialize in providing fast and effective relief of back pain.


We believe that you deserve to live a life free of back pain and we’ve developed a state of the art treatment plan to help place you on the path to a pain-free life.

The Back Pain Epidemic

Our government is looking for answers to this epidemic” and starting “national strategies” and “campaigns” to combat back pain.

About 40% of adults will have back pain in the past month and anywhere from 60 to 90% will have back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is the #1 reason for doctors visits each year and many of the solutions provided by traditional medicine place people on a cycle of surgeries, medication and continuos pain.

These facts come from studies all over the world, The United States, Canada, Sweden and other countries are working overtime studying this back pain “epidemic”.

There May Very Well Be A Solution For Your Back or Leg Pain

Just because something like back pain is so common, it doesn’t mean there aren’t potential solutions out there for you.

Many back pain sufferers give up too early and believe that they will have a life of pain; that there is nothing that can be done.

We understand.

Severe back or leg pain can cause a bad attitude or perspective, which is very self-destructive for you and your life.

This alone can be a serious problem. Not because it’s in your head. But because a bad attitude might keep you from learning about relatively new and little known advancements in back pain treatment. Or make you start to disengage from life and inactivity will generally make chronic back problems worse.

At Red Tail Wellness Centers, our non-surgical, non-invasive and natural treatment methods are extremely effective for the following conditions:

  • Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Bulging Discs
  • Herniated Discs
  • Neck Pain
  • Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Considering Back Surgery?

You might be thinking that severe chronic back pain can be fixed with surgery. It seems logical at first thought. Why can’t the surgeon just remove the painful thing in my lower back-just get rid of it- like taking out a tumor?

Unfortunately even surgeons today recognize that back pain alone is generally not a good indication for spinal surgery.

No surgeon worth his salt would recommend surgery for someone with back pain. Let’s explore this option more thoroughly, because you may be sitting on the fence with this or may have already scheduled yourself for elective spinal surgery.

You probably have at least thought about spinal surgery, especially if you’ve had back pain for a long time, or the leg pain is just unbearable-but I do not want you to give up hope.

Tackling back problems is difficult so you need to persevere – and give it time and effort. You need to at least have hope for a conservative option.

Your determination to try everything possible, and give it a real chance before going under the knife, will mean everything to your chances for success. Anything less can lead to a downward spiral of pain and potentially lifetime disability.

At best, spinal surgery should only be used by those who have tried everything else, those that have excruciating leg pain, or something called neurological deficits (like foot drop).

Even in cases like these, surgery is no panacea (no cure-all). But you probably already know that… you’ve heard from friends about the results of their spinal surgery and you doubt that this is the best choice for you. But there’s something between the option of drastic, unproven, and irreversible spinal surgery and just doing nothing at all, which is where you are probably sitting.

We take a comprehensive, highly customized, and completely non-surgical treatment approach by combining:

We know a better, less invasive way to back pain relief exists and our patients are the proof that surgery is NOT the only option.

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