Applied Kinesiology & the Triad of Health

appliedKinApplied kinesiology uses the Triad of Health – chemical, mental and structural factors – to describe the proper balance of the major health categories.

The triad is represented by an equilateral triangle with structural health as its base, and the upright sides representing chemical and mental health.

When a person experiences poor health, it is due to an imbalance in one or more of these three factors.

The triad of health is interactive and all sides must be evaluated to understand the underlying cause of a health problem. A health problem on one side of the triad can affect the other sides.

For example, a chemical imbalance may cause mental and physical symptoms such as depression and exhaustion. Applied Kinesiology enables the practitioner to evaluate the triad’s balance and direct therapy toward the imbalanced side or sides.

In general, the applied kinesiologist finds a muscle that tests weak and then attempts to determine why that muscle is not functioning properly. There may be nutritional deficiencies, structural imbalances, or metal stressors.

The practitioner will then evaluate and utilize the therapy that will best eliminate the muscle weakness and strengthen the patient. Because we have over 500 muscles balancing an intricate architecture of 212 bones and related joint complexes, it is critical to evaluate the muscular system to give a patient lasting corrections.

Both Dr. Karen and Ian have had extensive training in Applied Kinesiology and look forward to educating you on your body. Contact the Red Tail Wellness Center to schedule your consultation.

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