ADHD Denver

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly known as ADHD, is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects hundreds of thousands of people in Denver and the Colorado area.

Estimates suggest as many as 5% of school-age children suffer from ADHD, with nearly half that number continuing into adulthood without relief. The disorder can be difficult to diagnose and manage, especially if you want to avoid potentially harmful medications. With the right care and attention, however, you can work towards a better life in Denver, Boulder, and beyond!

ADHD Symptoms in Children

Most people associate ADHD with hyperactive children. In fact, before 1980 the condition was called hyperkinetic reaction of childhood. As the fields of medicine, psychiatry, and wellness communicated more efficiently, new tools emerged to accurately detect and diagnose the disorder. This boosted ADHD awareness and has led to effective treatments for adults and children alike.

Below are some common symptoms of ADHD in kids. It isn’t uncommon for children to exhibit many or all of the signs on this list, but if they persist for more than six months or are paired with related symptoms of higher severity, ADHD could be a contributing factor.

  • Easily distracted or frequently switching from one activity to another.
  • Frequently becomes bored with tasks after only a few minutes.
  • Often loses toys, crayons, or homework assignments.
  • Non-stop talking, fidgeting, or extreme impatience.
  • Difficulty waiting for their turn in games.
  • Interrupts others’ conversations or activities.
  • Constant and persistent hyperactivity.

Signs and Symptoms of ADHD in Adults

It’s only in the last few decades that ADHD has become a recognized condition in adults. The long-standing assumption was that children simply “grew out of it”. In reality, 50-65% of childhood ADHD sufferers continue to display symptoms well into adulthood, making everything from relationships to work-life balance a constant struggle.

Some of the most common symptoms of ADHD are listed below. Displaying these and other signs for more than six months can be an indicator of ADHD.

  • Constantly daydreaming to the point of becoming confused in daily life.
  • Fidgeting, extreme restlessness, and impulsive decision making.
  • Difficulty keeping steady employment due to poor performance.
  • Have difficulty processing information as quickly as others.
  • Often losing things like car keys, wallets, or bills.
  • Poor anger control.

Medication-free ADHD Treatment Near Denver

Despite advances in the last few years, ADHD can still be difficult to diagnose. Many symptoms present on a short-term basis or are caused by unrelated issues such as anxiety or stress. Furthermore, ADHD presents differently depending on age and gender, and it even varies from person to person. Getting an accurate assessment is crucial to begin an effective treatment plan. Online quizzes simply won’t cut it.

Managing ADHD is often handled with prescription medication. Popular treatments include both stimulant and non-stimulant drugs, many of which are chemically similar to cocaine. These can help with temporary relief from ADHD symptoms, but they’re addictive and riddled with side effects, especially in children. Even alternative solutions such as counseling, behavioral therapy, and dietary management prove ineffective in a large number of cases.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a result of the brain’s failure to communicate. Information passed between the left and right lobes is uncoordinated or incomplete, manifesting as restlessness, unfocused attention, and other ADHD conditions. To restore focus, the brain needs re-patterning. That’s where our Neuro-Integration Therapy comes into play. Even over short periods of time, Neuro-Integration can help train both sides of the brain to work together, reducing ADHD symptoms and restoring confidence and concentration, all without dangerous drugs or medication.

ADHD isn’t a learning or behavior disorder. The only way to effectively treat it is to work at the source. If you think you or a member of your family in the Denver area are suffering from ADHD, it’s important to get an evaluation and begin a well-rounded, effective treatment as soon as possible.

Where to Get ADHD Help in Denver

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