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ADHD is a complex disorder affecting 11% of children in the US each year. The condition is complex, and makes life difficult for the child, and their family. On top of the anguish this condition causes, the CDC estimates ADHD costs $12,005 – $17,458 annually per individual!



This is a picture showing a normal brain on the left, and the brain of a child with ADHD on the right. Even if you are not a medical imaging specialist, there are clear differences between the two brains.

Children with ADHD spend their days trying to focus on even the simplest of tasks. This can be hard because they are constantly trying to filter out background distractions—the sound of traffic, a conversation in the next room, flashing lights from a television or computer screen–things that we normally wouldn’t think about.

Despite trying to focus, children often feel bored, their minds constantly float from thought to thought and they have difficulty sitting still.

This is the reality for many children with ADHD. No matter how hard they try, they can’t sit still, concentrate in school, and have difficulty completing tasks. To their family, classmates or coworkers, they seem to exist in a whirlwind of disorganization and frenzied activity.

Sometimes the individual seems fine and appears to be in control of their behavior. But most of the time their behavior is inappropriate and their thoughts are everywhere. Over time, this pattern can strain relationships with family and friends, and create frustration for the whole family.

The good news is that there is help! In the last decade, scientific research has shed new light onto the neurological basis of ADHD, and has opened the door for new treatments. Doctors are now able to effectively identify children and adolescents with ADHD, and help them using cutting edge brain-training therapies, which are drug-free. This means we now have the ability to help alleviate the symptoms of ADHD without having to prescribe dangerous drugs!

You can help change your child’s behavior, focus, self-confidence and life.


Learn How 12 Weeks Can TRANSFORM Your Child with ADHD Into a Focused, Centered, High Achieving, Well-Behaved Kid Without Medication or Other Side Effects!

Neuroscience Breakthroughs Can Unlock Your Child’s Potential
and Give Your Family Its Life Back!

Many parents have a clear idea of what they want their child’s life to be like. There are visions of fun family experiences, vacations, personal achievements in school, and even the college they will attend some day.

But then, some parents discover that their child has ADHD. This seems to steal away part of the dreams and aspirations they had for their child.

We then begin to question how we will deal with this diagnosis, and sometimes how we will just survive “today” or how we are going to get them through the current school year.

A diagnosis of ADHD raises questions that you sincerely want answers to but you silently fear what those answers might be. Questions like:

  • Is ADHD a life sentence?
  • Will my child always suffer with the complications of ADHD?
  • Are the dreams, hopes, and aspirations you had for your child gone forever?
  • Do they have to take drugs?
  • What lies ahead for them?

In this report we will discuss some of the most common myths about the treatment of ADHD and the options available to you.

Whether your child has been formally diagnosed with ADHD, or you simply suspect they might have it because of their behavioral patterns, then this report can help you.

Recent advances in research are helping us understand the brains of children with ADHD, leading to the development of new treatment options that offer the promise of a brighter future for your child and family.

These new therapies harness the functional connectivity of the brain and combine it with modern technology, allowing us to train the brains of children with ADHD to function like they should.

The best part is that this new treatment technology is effective, carries no risks or side effects, and in as little as 12 short weeks you can see a drastic transformation of your child right before your eyes.

The therapy is called NeuroIntegration (Neurofeedback) and it may be able to unlock your child’s future.

Hear one father’s experience of his son’s behavior change after just a few sessions.

One Of The Most Frustrating Parts Of ADHD

Many parents notice early on that something isn’t quite right with their child. They notice their child’s grades slipping, calls from teachers and other parents that their child is misbehaving or not playing well with others. Despite your best efforts, your child just cannot seem to change their behavior or focus on a task.

What do you do?

Most parents get referred to a family doctor who quickly diagnoses your child with ADHD. Then they deliver the bad news …
The Cause Of ADHD Is Not Known And A Known Cure Has Not Been Discovered!

The most commonly used treatment for ADHD is medication, and since the doctor only knows how to treat ADHD using this one strategy, they pressure you to put your child on drugs.

But did you know that most medications used to treat ADHD are derived from COCAINE?

That’s right, doctors are trying to “help” your child by giving them dugs that are in the same chemical family as cocaine.

Would you give your child cocaine? Then why do doctors so readily give it to children as young as 7? Suffice it to say for now this is NOT a choice to take lightly … yet many doctors would have you think it is as safe as candy.

Other than pharmaceuticals there are other treatment options for ADHD, including counseling and cognitive behavior therapy. But, for many children (and parents) these therapies are ineffective and too expensive.

Why Don’t These Treatment Options work?

Because ADHD Is Not A Learning or Behavior Disorder!

That is absolutely correct, ADHD is not and will never be a behavioral disorder! If you try to treat it as such you are only setting your child, and family up for failure!

So What Is The Root Cause Of ADHD And What Can You Do?

Scientists and researchers have observed the brains of children diagnosed with ADHD and compared them to children without the diagnosis. Research shows that children with ADHD show striking differences in their ability to pass and process information between the right and left sides of the brain. The brains of children with ADHD are not patterned and coordinated properly … resulting in the challenges they face on a daily basis.

This disconnection and dis-coordination wreak havoc in the child’s life … preventing them from concentrating, focusing, and achieving their maximum potential academically.

So What Is The Bottom Line For My Child?

If we can train your child to communicate between the two sides of the brain and work together then we can reduce the symptoms of ADHD and give your child an opportunity to move forward and succeed in life!

How Is This Done?

This re-patterning of the brain, what we call Neuro-Integration Therapy, is accomplished by a proprietary integrated treatment system that uses re-patterning exercises that “wake up” parts of the brain and allow the various functional parts of your child’s brain to begin to function on the “same page.”

Over a short period of Neuro-Integration Therapy sessions we begin to train your child’s brain to work in an integrated and functional manner. As brain patterns change, you will see your precious child’s confidence, behavior, and academic performance transform before your eyes.

What Is Your Next Step?

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