ADD Treatments Denver

Attention deficit disorder (ADD), also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), is a widespread condition that affects millions of adults and children. In Denver alone, there are tens of thousands of possible cases, many of which go undiagnosed for years. Dealing with this pervasive issue can involve a variety of treatment methods, most of which center around expensive medications with dozens of side effects.

The good news is you don’t have to destroy your or your child’s health to treat ADD. If you’re near Denver and are seeking effective, alternative ADD treatment solutions, look no further than Red Tail Wellness Centers.

Common ADD Symptoms

ADD manifests in a wide variety of symptoms which can vary depending on age and gender. Children tend to suffer from more hyperactivity than adults, for example, while teens experience “inner restlessness” instead of outward fidgeting. Regardless of how the disorder presents, most estimates suggest 5-7% of school-age children and 2-5% of adults suffer from some form of ADD. A proper diagnosis is the first step in living a happier, healthier life.

ADD in Boys

Boys are nearly three times as likely to be diagnosed with ADD as girls, though some of this could be related to how the disorder presents in each gender. With boys, ADD tends to manifest as outward hyperactivity, fidgeting, a short temper, and an overall distracted nature.

ADD in Girls

Girls suffering from ADHD are more likely to lose focus and daydream, have trouble following instructions, or be slower than their peers at picking up new information. Because of the more introverted nature of these symptoms, girls are more likely to go un- or misdiagnosed.

Adults and ADD

Attention deficit disorder generally presents in childhood but can persist throughout teenage and adult years. As many as 65% of kids who display ADD symptoms continue to suffer throughout their lives. Adult symptoms include being impatient or quick to anger, trouble following detailed instructions, and the inability to focus on simple tasks.

Types of ADD Treatment in Denver

ADD diagnostic tools have grown incredibly precise in the last few decades. Treatment plans have followed suit, providing a variety of options for both children and adults suffering from ADD. You’ll find a variety of symptom management options in the Denver area and beyond, all of which have their own advantages and drawbacks.

  • Prescription drugs – Stimulant and non-stimulant medications designed to temporarily relieve ADD symptoms. These can be expensive and often have long-lasting side effects, especially in children.
  • Counseling and behavioral therapy – Includes educational programs for both parents and children. Often used in conjunction with medication, though it’s unclear how effective it is on its own.
  • Dietary and routine management – Altering the patient’s diet and daily routine to provide stability. Exercise programs are commonly prescribed to boost awareness and concentration. Long-term effects are good, but progress is slow, unreliable, and difficult to maintain.
  • Neuro-Integration Therapy – Used by the Red Tail Wellness Clinic to re-pattern the brain to improve communication and increase overall focus. Non-invasive, safe, and effective.

Drug-Free ADD Treatment in Denver

ADD isn’t a behavioral disorder, nor is it a learning disability. ADD is a neurological condition caused by the two lobes of the brain failing to communicate properly, resulting is a loss of focus. To manage the symptoms and get back on the path to wellness, the brain needs re-patterning. We use Neuro-Integration Therapy to train both lobes to work in harmony, reducing these communication errors by “waking up” certain parts of the brain. The end result is increased attention span, stronger concentration skills, and an overall reduction of ADD symptoms, all without drugs or medication.

Where to Get ADD Treatment in Denver

Red Tail Wellness Center is easy to find. If you’re in Denver, the fastest route is to take the turnpike to Boulder, follow 28th Street, then turn left on Violet Avenue and right on Broadway. You’ll see our sign on the right just before the corner of Rosewood and Broadway. If you want to take the scenic route, just head west on Hwy 6 until it turns into Hwy 93. Stay on this road north, drinking in the wonderful mountain scenery along the way. Hwy 93 turns into Hwy 7 inside Boulder and you’ll pass right by our office just a few miles later.

With proper attention and a healthy treatment plan, it’s possible to reduce the symptoms of ADD without medication. Start your family on the path to a better future. Contact us today to set up an appointment!